We are pleased to introduce our newest artist at Sorelle, fine art photographer Peter Mendelson!

A New Englander at heart, Peter currently lives in Weston, Connecticut. After studying history at the University of Virginia and getting his law degree at the University of Pennsylvania, Peter moved to New York City to practice law, where he gained an appreciation of urban architecture and street photography. Mostly self-taught, Peter refined his vision through workshops conducted by various photographers, including Magnum photographer Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, landscape photographer Stephen Johnson, and NYC street photographer Phil Penman. Over time, he developed his style, using perspective, light, and color to capture the psychological power of urban and coastal spaces.  

Whether taken during his visit to the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, his explorations of Miami Beach and the Maine coast, or even during commutes to and from New York City, his photographs focus on those things that are often overlooked, but which reward their viewers when given a second, deeper look. Peter’s work can be seen in exhibits and galleries in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

"Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island in the 1970s, my two great escapes were New York City, and the Long Island shoreline from Jones Beach to Montauk.  While radically different, these environments expanded my horizons, literally and figuratively, and have had a psychological pull on me that lasts to this day. When my interest in photography bloomed in my 30s, I felt that same impulse to escape to the city and the shore, using light, color and form to (re)capture the psychological power of these spaces in photographs.  

My photographic subject matter often incorporates cultural artifacts, man-made structures and architectural forms, composed in the viewfinder in a deceptively straightforward manner that draws the viewer into my world and invites questions about the cultural origins and uses of these objects.

Wherever I am, the underlying compulsion is the same - to 'elevate the ordinary' and share my way of seeing with others so that they, too, can feel the psychological pull of a place and reimagine the world for themselves. I hope that you enjoy my work."

Peter's photography can be printed in a variety of sizes in either Aluminum or Acrylic. Select your preferred printing options when adding to cart. To see all of Peter's photography, click here


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