We are so pleased to announce the winners of the Uplift Art ContestGiven the current situation with COVID-19 and need to remain socially distanced, Sorelle wanted to promote and encourage the healing power of making (and viewing) art at a time when many may need it more than ever.

The contest, which Sorelle launched last month, challenged young artists under 18 to create an artwork that depicted their interpretation of the word, "Uplift." Judging was based on the artist's creativity, imagination, and their unique depiction of the theme. Each artist was also asked to provide a brief written description of how their artwork pertains to the theme, which we have included beneath each piece in the digital exhibition below. 

Three winners were chosen for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, winning a gift card of varying amounts to their choice of either Blick Art Materials or Amazon.com. An Advanced Artist Award was given for one artist's outstanding demonstrated skill in digital art and conceptual design. Six artists were also recognized with Honorable Mention awards for their submissions.

We invite you to scroll to view our digital exhibition of work by these very talented young artists! The entire Sorelle team was extremely grateful to host the contest, impressed by the talent displayed, and felt uplifted throughout the process! We are so excited to share our contest winners; we want to thank them for sharing their art with us and encourage them to keep going!

The Uplift Art Contest: Digital Exhibition

1st Place: "The Uplifting Pig" by Courtney Marchiony (10)

Satin Acrylic Paint on Canvas
"I choose to paint a pig floating in the air over a park. First, I just love pigs. They make me happy. And when I thought about 'uplifting' I thought about a happy pig who was literally 'lifting' into the air. I also wanted the painting to be about springtime because so many of us are inside that I think we all want to go outside and enjoy the fresh air in the parks. Hopefully, when people see my painting it will make them happy and excited to spend more time outside. Hope you like it."

2nd Place: "Streaks of Hope" by Ayla Ikezawa (13)

Marker and Colored Pencil on Paper
"In this piece when people applaud for the essential workers, you could see that they are all hopeful and united and uplifted in their heart."

3rd Place: "The Cat's Purr" by Cara Katelyn Bonchick (8)

Marker on Paper
“This cat is out in the woods and wants to find an owner. The girl is walking and finds the cat and brings her home to live with her. This uplifts the cat’s spirits and she is not lonely anymore.”'

Advanced Artist Award: "The Sleeping Dead" by Ryan Davis (17)

Procreate (Digital)
"My work depicts a soldier who was killed in battle being carried up to the afterlife by an angel. At first this may seem like a sad image, as a man has just lost his life. However, although his body is wounded and his sword bloodied, his face is calm. He is leaving behind his life of war and violence and starting his new one in the afterlife, finally getting his rest. The angel is guiding him there, becoming the light in his darkness."

Honorable Mention: "Uplift" by Daphne Upson (11)

Oil Paint on Canvas Board
“This is a hopeful puppy holding a Spring flower while soaring through the sky.   It relates to the theme “uplift” because he is flying up to look for better times in the future.  I chose the Spring setting because Spring is a time of new life.” 

Honorable Mention: "View from Above" by Lauren Mayer (10)

Acrylic Paint, Pouring Medium, and Liquid Silicone on Canvas
"This painting is uplifting to me because it reminds me of looking at the ocean from an airplane.  My family loves to travel and it reminds me of flying to a new place we have never been, and makes me happy."

Honorable Mention: "Our World" by Ella Noelle Bonchick (9)

Marker on Paper
“We are all connected and have the power to uplift one another.”

Honorable Mention: "My World" by Mariana Hentrich (8)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas
“Light colors in a time of darkness.”

Honorable Mention: Untitled by Luke Bergman (14)

"I believe this image describes the theme uplift, in the sense it makes you feel happy and warm. When I look at this image I imagine people around a fireplace playing songs, or a relaxing day at the hammocks."

Honorable Mention: "Girl on Swing" by Corinne Fajen 

Pencil on Art Paper
"This piece represents taking a break from the world and letting nature uplift you."


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  • Carlyle Upson

    All the entries are so well done. I’m very impressed! Good luck, Sorelle Gallery, on your move to Westport.

  • helen r roman

    Absolutely Wonderful. These children are as magical as their images.

  • Dolores Tema

    I am so impressed by these fine artists, especially in this time of crises. They all have given us, the viewers, hope for a brighter world to come. They also remind us how important art can be especially in dark moments, to provide rays of light that can uplift our hearts.

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