Sorelle Gallery's first On View feature of the year is scheduled to open Friday, March 3rd, showcasing artists Ned Martin and Pete Sack together on the main wall of our Westport, Connecticut gallery. The feature will run through the month, closing on Saturday, March 25th. Visitors are invited to explore in person during gallery hours, or shop the Show here

Ned Martin and Pete Sack's bodies of work, while highly individual, play on certain themes where we can find a clear common ground. Both Martin and Sack create abstracted work with an emphasis on color and geometric design elements, each with series that introduce portraiture and more naturalistic elements. For both artists, the portraiture remains consistent within each of their styles, but juxtaposes the realistic and abstract together in one plane - layering the two to create a wholly unique view of the subject. 

"I am thrilled to highlight Ned Martin and Pete Sack together this month," says Sorelle Owner, Sandy Pelletier. "Their work is, at a glance, so different. But when you bring them together, their subtle similarities - whether that be in subject or execution - become apparent, and I think it allows the viewer to appreciate each of them in a new light."

Located in Brooklyn, Ned Martin is inspired by hectic city life. His work touches on the subjects of nature and community, which are drawn from his childhood memories of rural Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Martin’s work is a commentary on the global society, and the idea that everything is connected as one. After studying Fine Arts at Towson State University in Maryland, Martin continued his formal art training at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. Embracing his training and his meticulous process, Martin grinds his own paints. He has painted en plein air on the River Seine in Paris, Scotland, and Italy, all of which have shaped his artistic vision.  

Reclaimed aluminum printing plates have become Martin’s sole painting surface. He often leaves a bit of aluminum plate visible through the painted surface to enhance the depth of the work. 

“I have long believed artists are like mirrors," Martin says. "My job is to reflect that which others are missing while they go about their busy lives. I somehow wish my paintings were less biased, yet, my own emotions from life experiences are in every painting I create. While I still struggle with the idea, I must be completely honest that every painting is a self-portrait.”

Pete Sack is a Raleigh-based artist. He got his start drawing sports figures at an early age. Depictions of baseball players later gave way to other figural work. When he discovered that his creative endeavors were more than just a hobby, he left his home in Seattle to attend East Carolina University where he received a BFA in Painting in 1998. It was during his time at ECU that Pete began experimenting with ways to join his two favorite media - watercolor and oil paint.

Pete’s current work comprises both abstract and figurative pieces. Each allows for a different expression of himself. His abstracts are about flow, both mechanically and emotionally. He uses masonry tools to drag paint in methodical ways that create visually appealing palettes and patterns. His figurative and portrait work still rely on the fine detailing skills he developed in his youth but also contain new depth as they combine multiple faces and abstraction, giving the work a richer, more complex feel.

"While my abstract work continues to evolve, I am consistently drawn to an expressionism style with a heavy focus on color field painting, layering and modern shapes," Pete says. "I use color relationships to create depth on canvas. This allows me to infuse moods and emotions into my work. Each new series I develop is a focused reaction to a personal experience in my life."

This On View feature is free and open to the public during gallery hours, Tuesday through Saturday 10:30am - 6:00pm. Street parking is available. 

To learn more about Ned Martin, you can explore his Artist Collection or read our Conscious Creative discussion with him, where we talk about how he approaches sustainability in the studio. To browse all artwork by Pete Sack, please visit his Artist Collection here.

Interested in purchasing a piece or learning more about how our Art Advisory team can help? Contact us.  


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