For this installment of our The Art of Hanging Art series, we're exploring how to add art to arguably one of the most important rooms in a home: the bedroom. It's been said that the two things you should invest in are your shoes and your bed - because if you're not in one, you're in the other. That may be true, but the room overall is just as important as the bed itself when it comes to rest and rejuvenation, and what you hang on the walls plays a pretty big role. Read on to learn our top tips for incorporating artwork in your bedroom. 

Prioritize purpose. 

When selecting artwork for your space, it's ultra important to ask: what is the purpose of this space? A bedroom is where you wind down and get a (hopefully) sound eight hours of sleep, so it's important to choose art that supports this objective. You might not want to hang your edgiest artwork in your bedroom, and opt instead for work that fits into the overall scheme nicely. Opt for soft forms and palettes that won't compete with the rest of your furniture, but instead complement the overall aesthetic, like the paintings by Ken Elliott in a space designed by designer Chris Roughan (left), or the two greyscale Dolores Tema paintings in a room designed by Tina Anastasia (right). You want to make sure your bedroom is a place to relax, and too much visual stimuli can prevent that from happening in a space where that's crucial.  

Consider your colors. 

Continuing on our previous point, creating a space where it's easy to unwind means being intentional with color. Cool colors tend to be the most soothing - blue is the best, but violet (purple with a cool blue undertone), green, or grey also work well. If you prefer more of a funky vibe, opt for deep or muted colors where you can. If you go with blue walls, for example, artwork that incorporates muted yellow or pink can serve as a complementary accent that adds a fun look without overpowering or being over-stimulating. Alternatively, pairing warm white walls with art that incorporates an earthy palette, like in the example below (right) which features an Elwood Howell painting, can be a relaxing design choice. 

Enhance natural focal points. 

When you walk into a bedroom, the obvious main focal point is above the bed. It's a great idea to add some personality in this area, with either a larger piece, or several assembled side-by-side in a gallery wall. Remember to try and hang art centered over the bed and about 8" to 10" above the top of the headboard, so that it's grounded on the wall and doesn't end up looking as thought it's floating in space. Finally, consider other focal points that you might see from bed as you're reading or falling asleep, or that you might see from outside the room walking in - like the encaustic painting by Linda Bigness in this bedroom designed by Chris Roughan below. You should ideally love all the artwork in your home, but be sure the work in your bedroom is some of the best of the best - it doesn't need to be challenging, it just needs to make you feel good at the end of the day. 

Jazz up awkward corners. 

Some bedrooms can end up with odd spaces - either because of funky architecture or layout. Don't be afraid to fill those corners with artwork. A piece doesn't need to be large to have a lot of impact, so a modest addition to those oddly-shaped corners can make all the difference. These two paintings by Teodora Guererra both work nicely to fill spaces where it could be tricky to add certain types of furniture. Plus, they're situated with perfect view from the bed, so they can be appreciated from just about anywhere in the room. 

Bedrooms can certainly be unique and have a ton of personality, while maintaining a cozy, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere. The main thing to remember when choosing artwork for your space is - as with all artwork - hang what you love, but also consider how to create a space that will prepare you to unwind for the day (and wake up refreshed)!


Photographs 1, 2, and 6 by Jane Beiles
Photograph 3 by Niel Landino


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