Shopping online has become an incredibly significant part of the purchasing process for most people. Whether comparing costs, weighing all the options, or simply trying to save time, online shopping and buying is a convenient, much-used option in today's environment. But what about when it comes to buying something like... art? Art is such a personal purchase that to some it may seem like something you simply have to see in person first. But we have good news! There are several benefits to buying artwork online, and because it's Sorelle's mission to promote our artists and help people find the perfect artwork for their space wherever they may be, we aim to make the online buying process as simple and streamlined as possible. So, allow us to elaborate! Here are our four reasons why buying art from a gallery online is a great option, and how we make it even better.

Get to know the artists, and all of their work.
Often times when you walk into a fine art gallery, you see a sample of the work carried by that artist actually hanging on the wall. It can be intimidating to inquire about a piece or an artist you like, or to get a sense of the full range of an artist's work. When you shop online, it's likely that all the work an artist has available through that gallery will be showcased, and if you are comfortable with the list price you can purchase it outright without having to inquire at all! If you want to make an offer, you can always reach out, especially since sending an email can feel a little bit less committal than asking in person, and gives shoppers or collectors the chance to really take their time in the decision making process. On Sorelle's site, we list our artist's biographies and statements, their work is easily accessible, and we regularly interview artists about their process and inspiration on our "Inside the Studio" blog series. You can purchase artwork outright, or reach out with any questions you may have, and one of our team of Art Advisors will personally assist. You can even shop by style, subject, or color scheme, making it easy to discover new artists. 

Delivery Options
A lot of shoppers might think that art may be too difficult to transport, but we're here to curb those fears. Like any large items (couches, televisions), anything can be shipped! For shipping in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and European Union, flat rates will be added based on your order total at checkout. We also offer in-store pick up for those who live close by, and international shipping is available; Simply call us for a quote or to schedule a pick up!

Cost Comparisons and Periodic Promotions
When you walk into a gallery, it can be difficult to get a true sense of price. Some galleries don't list prices, others do but you may not be sure if you can negotiate. The great thing about buying art online is that you can shop around to find art that you love, but that also fits your budget. At Sorelle, we have a wide range of original fine art, photographyopen edition prints, and limited edition prints. Not only is it easy to find something you like in your budget, but we offer you 10% off your purchase when you sign up for our newsletter. Sign up here. 

Feeling Like You've Seen the Art in Person - Even if You Haven't
While we are always in favor of everyone visiting art-filled spaces and engaging with art in person regularly, we also realize some people don't live down the street from a gallery that represents their favorite artists or have unlimited time to browse. Time and distance shouldn't keep you from your favorite art. For each of the pieces listed on our site, we offer high-quality images of the artwork, frame, details, varying angles and a piece staged in a room for a sense of scale. Need more photos? No problem - contact us to request additional images (i.e. specific angle, back, texture of paint, etc.). We can even take it a step further: Send us a photo of your space and we will provide a rendering with the artwork you like, digitally superimposed onto your wall - for free! Guessing and wondering be gone! We want you to have access to art you love, and be as confident as possible when you finally make your purchase. 

Ready to get started? Visit our Artists page to see our full list of artists and their collections of work. Questions? Contact us!


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