Sorelle is proud to partner with design industry professionals to help clients place artwork in beautiful spaces. As such, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate these partnerships by showcasing some of our design partners including interior designers, architects, and stagers, in a new blog series. Our first featured designer is Kelly Anne Sohigian of kellydesigns, who has worked with Sorelle several times to help her clients select artwork for their new home that they love, and that integrates beautifully in the space she has envisioned for them. Read on to learn more about Kelly Anne and stay tuned for more in-depth chats with our partners!

Where are you from originally and where are you located/working now? What services do you offer?
I am originally from New York, but have lived in Connecticut for 30 years now, in Fairfield for 28 years. My services include interior design and decorating, home staging, color consultation, e-design, and holiday/event decorating. 

How did you get started in interior design and staging? What drew you to it?
I began my career in Fashion at Bloomingdale’s, and then moved on to become a Merchandiser and VP for Christian Dior Neckwear. Later, I worked at several Italian Printing Mills, representing them here in the U.S. in sales and design. When I stayed home to start a family, I began helping friends and relatives make color and design decisions, and a business grew out of it! I think my love of color, textiles and beauty drew me to the industry, as they have always been my passion.

What does your design/creative process look like? Where do you find the most inspiration?
I find inspiration in so many things, I love watching color and design trends in both fashion and décor. I love traveling and seeing other cultures. My design process begins with understanding the needs and wants of my client; I strive to help them not only make their homes beautiful, but also reflective of their personalities.

Do you have a favorite room to design or stage and if so, which and why?
I cannot say I have favorite room to design as I enjoy it all! But one of my most fun projects was renovating a Pool House [below] last summer. It allowed me to play around a little and get really creative. 

What makes artwork or the involvement of a fine art gallery important to you in creating an end product?
Art is so subjective and finding quality art can be difficult. Having an art gallery to take my clients to and having the knowledge and support from the gallery to curate the finished design is perfect.

Do you have a favorite style of fine art, and is it different for you personally vs. when you’re selecting art for a client?
When working with clients I try to keep my own preferences out of the equation. I focus on the style (or styles) they prefer, and integrate colors and images that I think will work best in each application.

Favorite color?
Easy - BLUE.

Paint or wallpaper?
Both - I love wallpaper but also love paint.

What is your favorite current design trend?
Right now, I'm finding myself drawn to the trend of touches of ivory and black with natural woods. It is a little bit of a mid-century modern feeling, but also warm and inviting to create hygge.

What do you hope to accomplish for your clients?
A home that they not only love, but one they feel really proud of.

Any fun facts we should know about you?
Definitely! I started as an elementary special education teacher. I worked and traveled to Como Italy for many years, and I love to cook!

Check out the project on which we collaborated with Kelly below, featuring art by Teodora Guererra, Ken Elliott, and Elwood Howell, or visit our Portfolio to see more. Click here to visit Kelly's website.  


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