Sorelle's founder and Principal, Sandy Pelletier, was featured in the January issue of New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine. The issue, which focuses on wellness in all aspects of life as we kick off a new decade, includes an article by Valerie Foster that explores how to select and purchase art for your space. 

The piece points out that art has the power to make a house into a home. Several local art businesses were interviewed, and Sorelle's owner, Sandy, expressed the impact art can have on a room, saying, “It doesn’t make any difference if you have the shabbiest or the most expensive furniture in your home... The first thing people look at are the walls. If there is nothing there, the room fails.”

The article also touches on a variety of issues that arise when selecting artwork. First and foremost is the intimidation factor, which can prevent people from engaging with art altogether. The writer goes on to explore trends in style, and how to fit what you really love into that. When it comes to closely matching art to the design or decor in the rest of your home, Sandy advised that it's not always necessary. "'It depends on the client and their level of confidence in what they love and want... The work may have a look of a landscape but is abstracted. Or, it can be very representational but the color pallet is bright and modern,' Pelletier explains. 'I try to mix this in with their other works and furnishings for continuity...'”

In the author's conclusion, she builds a useful "Art Buying 101" which nicely breaks down the key things to remember when beginning the process. Engaging with the artwork, asking questions, and buying artwork that you connect with should be a top priority. At Sorelle, she notes, our art advisors help you select pieces that you are then permitted to live with for several days before making the commitment. “It is our job to help and to teach," Sandy comments about Sorelle's goal as a gallery. "You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions about the artist, how they think it can look in your home or even why the price is what it is."

More information on our customized art advisory service can be found here. To read our advice on how to begin selecting artwork, visit our blog

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