Sorelle is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! After expanding our offerings from original art to include fine art prints late last year, we undertook the next step to ensure that the online art browsing and buying experience was the best it could be for our clients. We worked with Aeolidia, a West Coast-based company that specializes in brand and web development for small creative businesses (enter: us). We needed help pulling all of our different products together, and Aeolidia was an ideal partner for such a project. 

If you're reading this, you're here, so we invite you to take a look around at all your favorite art. BUT, not before you read our five reasons why we love our new (and greatly improved) site, and why we think you will too. 

  1. Shop based on your needs (and wants). 
    Now you can shop Sorelle's collection of art in so many different ways. You can shop for prints or original artwork, shop by subject (coastal, landscapes), style (abstract or minimalistic), shop by size or based on your budget, or you can even check out our Staff Picks which our team curates regularly with all of our choices for the month! There are so many ways to find what you love, and it's all. right. there. 

  2. Customize fine art prints with ease. 
    With our new print options, you can visually select the paper, mount, frame, and mat (as applicable) you would like for your print. Everything is laid out with images, so you can see all your options and choose exactly what you need. For more information on the full extent of our printing and framing options, visit our Prints Explained page. 

  3. Get to know our artists.
    Our new Artists page allows you to see our artists along with their artwork. Hover your mouse over a particular artist's work to see them in person! Click through to a piece and read all about the artist's biography and artist statement.

  4. See our Art Advisory service in action with our new Portfolio.
    The custom work we do with our clients and design partners is on full display in our new Portfolio. Click in to view a specific piece to see which artists' work we placed in spaces and why. Interested in learning more about how we can help you select art for your home or office? Hop on over to our Art Advisory page to learn how we help clients with any budget achieve an art-filled space they can be excited about. 

  5. Subscribe to our newsletter, get a little gift.
    When you sign up to receive our emails, you're the first to hear the latest from Sorelle like upcoming events, special promotions, new artists and artwork, and design advice from our team of advisors. But now you also get - wait for it - 10% off on your first purchase. Sign up (scroll down!) to receive the promo code, and we'll start off on our art-filled friendship together. It's only January and we just launched a new website so we tend to keep things interesting. 

We could go on, but we think it's time to start looking around! And of course, we always love feedback... Reach out and let us know what you think of our new site by emailing or DM us (and follow too!) on Instagram @sorellegallery.


*Featured image photographed by Neil Landino


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