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Desert Blooms

Juniper Briggs


30" x 22" original artwork.

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About Juniper Briggs

Juniper Briggs is a mixed media painter with a focus on abstract faces and figures. Presently based in Northern Virginia, Juniper grew up in a community of artists in the Mountains of North Carolina. It was there, surrounded by glass blowers, potters and painters, that she first learned to appreciate art. As a young adult, her international travels (particularly to Mexico and Spain) impacted her love of folk art and Cubism.

Juniper’s work explores themes of beauty and contemplation with an exuberant hope that stems from her Christian faith. Faces and figures allow her to navigates these subjects best. Her paintings deal with ideas such as whimsy, joy, gratitude, reflection, faith, longing, sisterhood, strength and vulnerability.

Pulling stylistically from both cubism and the classics, Juniper’s work offers a modern and decidedly feminine color palette and perspective. She is fascinated by the juxtaposition between the confidence we present to the world verses the wilderness of emotion we contain within. Above all, Juniper’s work seeks to glorify the Creator by bringing a sense of truth, joyfulness and beauty to her own creations.

Juniper is currently in her 11th year of working as a professional artist. Her artwork has appeared in publications such as Domino Magazine, Elle Canada and on the cover of Art & Edit Magazine. She has collaborated with brands such as Framebridge and AllModern. Her work can be found in homes across the United States and abroad.

Artist Statement
"My work seeks to call attention to the beauty hidden within ordinary moments of pause. Whether that’s stopping to think something over, spending time with friends, enjoying the warm sunshine on your skin, or simply smelling the flowers. It’s these unassuming, often overlooked experiences that I am most drawn to exploring in my paintings.

"Starting with a simple sketch or idea, I rely on my intuition to take me through the creative process. Working instinctually, I begin by building layers, adding and omitting swaths of acrylic paint along with other mixed media details to create playful yet compelling compositions that speak to the human experience. 

"Pulling stylistically from both cubism and the classics, my decidedly female perspective, and love of design, color and shape, invites the viewer to take a deeper look at the beautiful, moments of pause within their own life."